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» Forum Rules and Guidelines
Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:56 am by Cobra Commander

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Cobra Commander

Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Cobra Commander on Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:56 am

G.I. Joe vs Cobra Battlefront Rules & Guidelines:

Site Rules:
Wow, these are so easy to follow. Just behave and act like an adult and we'll all get along. So simple. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules so there is NO confusion. Thanks!
• Pornography
• Copyright Material
• Hot Linking Images
• Other Site Affiliate Links
• Religion, Politics & Other Sensitive Subject Matters
• Personal Attacks
• Trolling
• Spamming
• Net Feuds
• Duplicate Accounts
• Profanity / Inappropriate Language
• Spoilers

There are plenty of adult websites through out the internet. Leave the porn there.

Do not post copyright material. We do not condone the pirating of copyrighted DVDs or other such material.

* NO HOTLINKING of images!
Do not "hotlink" other people's images. It's not cool and it is stealing other people's bandwidth. If you have an image to share, host it yourself on one of the many image/photo sharing sites out there.

* NO AFFILIATE LINKS from other sites. It will not be tolerated!
Do not post affiliate links from other sites. Some sites use affiliate programs (including ourselves) to generate income/funds for their site and this is done using specific codes in URLs/links to products and/or sites (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Sideshow Collectibles, etc.). So please check the link before posting them here. We will edit the link if posted with other sites affiliate info. We will NOT add our own, simply just remove the other site's info. If it is done on a regular basis — you will receive a warning and/or possibly banned. Also in turn, be careful when posting some of our links to other sites. They too will not be too happy about it.

There should be NO discussions for religion or politics in the main forum or chat. These are sensitive subjects to some and are easily offended. Also discussions of race is a very touchy subject matter. It can easily be construed as racism to some. So please watch what you say, this is the internet, not everyone knows if you are joking or not.

* NO PERSONAL ATTACKS on other members or anyone for that matter.
Show respect to your fellow member. If you have a problem with them, send a private message. If it can not be resolved between the two of you, then contact one of the Moderators.

* DO NOT "TROLL" EITHER. If you have nothing meaningful to say or contribute, then best not to post.
Don't post just to offend others. Show some respect — so either post and contribute to the discussion(s) or just move along. Nobody wants to read mindless drivel of hate and disrespect.

* NO SPAMMING or obsessive promoting of your site and/or product.
Don't spam the boards with just links to your site(s). We have no problem in promoting other sites in the community, but do not just post links to stuff found on your site. It's annoying. You can place a banner in your signature along with links to your site and/or product(s). Just don't post a link to your site saying "hey check this out on my site". Share with us what you have found and you can put a link back to your site then. It's a give-receive relationship. You share with us, we'll share with you. We have and still continue to do, promoting of other sites we feel would be of interest to our members. So just be patient and don't spam our forums with links to your stuff.

* NO "NET FEUDS" of any kind!
If you have a problem with any other site or person on said site, leave it elsewhere. We do not want to drag our members or site into any meaningless bullsh*t. If you feel it needs to be brought to our attention, then send a private message to the staff and we'll discuss it. Otherwise, drop it before you come here and just have a good time and enjoy yourself.

There will be zero tolerance for duplicate accounts on G.I. Joe vs Cobra Battlefront. If found and proven to have created a duplicate account — you will be banned immediately.

There are people of all ages that come to this site. Yes the majority of people on the site are adults, but there are some under age members too. Also not everyone likes to hear/read profanity. So please keep it to a minimum or your posts will be edited or deleted. Also there should be NO suggestive language. This is not a dating site. There is mixed gender but that does not mean "advances" to the opposite sex are welcomed. If you are found harrassing another member you will be banned.

Make sure to label appropriately at the top of your post when posting something that others might not want to read!

While we are all here to have fun our best efforts should be made to make our posts relating to the subject matter at hand. Every now and then a moderator or administrator will have to make an appearance to remind folks to get back on topic. Please respect their opinion and do so. Leave the chatter in the PM or Instant Messaging System.

When you register and sign up please make your presence known and post. This is to prevent spambots or malware from infiltrating this site. Also, inactive users will be deleted from the forum after 120 days (4 months) after this time frame we assume you've moved on and have lost interest in our forum. You will be notified by Pm after this time period has been breached and you will have 14 days to reply or post before the deletion occurs.


1 – A "written" warning will be issued to member. This will be in the form of a private message.

2 – If after a warning is issued and there is still a problem — the member will be taking a "vacation". For how long will depend on the Staff Member issuing the "vacation".

3 – Now we really do not want to ban people here. We are all adults and we all should act like one. But there are just some people that just can't do that. So those people will be taking a permanent "vacation". We don't need people here that can't conduct themselves in an adult manner.


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